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May 14, 2008


Ted your invention is sooo clever!
Lydia thanks for keeping me in the loop.

I am in love with that icing stand.

What a fantastic idea of your husbands! Could you please tell me what size bottles he made the stand for?
Mirella O'Connor

Do you have the recipe for the icing you used? Did it dry fast? I'm having a bunch of 8 year old boys over to decorate cookies for their cub scout party and I've been having a hard time trying to find an easy way for them to decorate the cookies. Thanks for any tips!


Diana, the recipe is right up at the top of this page, under "Find it here".

Did you use the mini or regular size squeeze bottles? I just want to make sure I buy the right one.

Renata, we use the 4-ounce size, which I think is called "regular". It's a good size for small hands and adult hands to manage.

May I ask how you got the icing into the squeeze bottles? They seem to have a small opening.

Lynn, we made a video to show you how!

This post made me SO happy. We are having a Cookie decorating party this Christmas, and I hate cluttering up the table with bowls of icing.

Seriously, your family could make a fortune on that idea!

If I had seen this in Michael's, I would have bought it right away!

THANK YOU for the idea. :o) I shall put my Husband to work ASAP!

I love the stand for the bottles...I am pretty sure you could sell those! We are so looking forward to our cookie making weekend- pictures to follow on Monday!

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