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October 5, 2008


This post just gave me a great idea!

Our oldest belongs to a wonderful sorority, and philanthropic projects are a large part of what they do. I think I'll send her the link to this page, because I know the girls would LOVE to decorate cookies & help out a charity or organization they already, or would like to, sponsor.

Loved this post, can't wait for the next two! We're having our Fall Drop in and Decorate the week of Halloween at work. I am planning a post in November about hosting a holiday cookie exchange and will definitely link to these as an alternative for those wanting to eat less and give more!

And while I'm commenting I have a question. How would I go about getting financial assistance (if that is a possibility yet) for our events? I don't have a problem getting cookies and frosting donated, we usually each bring either one dozen cookies or frosting/spinkles, but I have a hard time paying for all the packaging supplies like big trays/plates and large enough bags to wrap the trays in. I have gotten lucky a couple of times and gotten used plastic trays from various lunch events at work but would like to purchase a supply of "cookie tray" bags to use. Or do you know of a good discount supplier online to find these types of bags, preferably seasonal-themes?

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